Once upon a time, there was a diamond shaped over the millennia, this little corner of paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean, present to offer you its palette in the colors of the rainbow; this precious stone is called Corsica.

Boat Rental

The residence now proposes an Itama 40 Motorboat  which can accommodate up to 10 people.

Dreaming to escape, take to the open sea aboard this superb 11 meter star of the sea; sunbathing, bench seat, cabin, a fully equipped boat to discover the marvelous coves of the far south.

Contactez-us for all information and reservations.

Visits & Excursions

Our fairy friends have worked hard to offer us the most beautiful landscapes:

The bay of Pinarello, the bay of Saint Cyprien , the penninsula of Palombaggia, la baie de Santa Giulia and Rondinara , the wild coast of U Capu Biancu and the gulf of Sant’Amanza, to the rims of the The îles Lavezzi and the treasures around the Gulf of Sperone, Piantarella, Pertusato ; without forgetting the west coast with its wilder beaches around Pianottoli-Calderello, the beach of the Tonarra pour finir en maître sur la plage de Roccapina where the lion carved in stone thrones on the heights of his vast domain as protector of his kingdom on the sea side.

You will continue your journey in the heart of L’Alta Rocca to go on an adventure and discover the trails of the hinterland: L’ospédale, The ‘needles’ of Bavella, and natural pools.

Our citadels : Porto-vecchio, the city of salt and Bonifacio, the rudder of Corsica, sublime escapades for your evenings. Sweet moments to share with family or friends walking the alleys gently in your hand or comfortably seated enjoying the scenery around a table to taste and awaken your taste buds to the subtle Mediterranean flavors of our island.

Break in the hinterland of our elders: L’Alta Rocca

Each path, path will take you to discover landscapes of a thousand colors and steeped in history.

Discover The Alta Rocca, to 9000 years of history by stopping off at the site of “the Land of the Lords” the archaeological site of Cucurruzzu and Capula to Lévie or the casteddu d’Araghju in the town of San Gavinu de Carbini by going to the Musée de Lévie where you can discover the skeleton of the oldest Lady of Corsica, the Lady of Bonifacio to the Florentine castle of Quenza.

The alta Rocca is also the opportunity to discover chestnut groves with its history and its remains on the route of the heritage trail of Serra di Scopamène, its olive groves on the path of Sainte Lucie de Tallano, , its steep mountains with the massif of Bavella through which passes the famous GR20 , a grandiose landscape with the needles of Bavella to highlight Notre Dame des Neiges among the Lariccio pines and set off on the various walking trails including the famous« Trou de la Bombe (bomb hole) ».

A stop not to be missed the plateau of Coscionu , a plateau formed by valleys where the « tafoni », holes in the rock formerly created by populations and its vast flat expanses « les pozzines » spongy meadows snaked with streams where you can discover specific and endemic plant species that give the landscape a green color.

The plateau of Coscionu is a pastoralism refuge where wild horses, cattle, wild pigs, mouflons and vultures, eagles and kites soar like a master.

A magical place to breathe the fresh air … to recharge your batteries

The alta Rocca it is also a stopover in the national forest of the L’Ospédalemassif with its artificial lake, a postcard like a “Canadian lake” above its dam or for a walk to the waterfall ofPiscia di Gallu « cock piss ».

Visit L’Alta Rocca is also a relaxing break in Saint Lucia de Tallano in the heart of thermal baths of Caldane , thermal baths with sulphurous waters or in the invigorating and invigorating waters of the natural swimming pools of wtaerfalls of Purcaraccia in Quenza or closer to the coast the river of Cavu in the town of Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio

A vast area to satisfy lovers of nature, history and its architectural and religious remains.

The call of the sea: from crystal clear waters to abysmal depths

The southernmost region of Corsica is the ideal playground for sea lovers.

Many activities near the Residence Saint Cyprien plage will allow you to navigate along the coast in paddle, canoe or jet ski …, to observe it from above by parasailing or for a day trip. by sailboat, on an organized cruise or by renting a semi-rigid boat with or without a skipper to coast from creek to creek, anchor in the sublime lagoons ranging from Pinarello to The Lavezzi islands, a natural swimming pool in the open sea for a snorkeling or snorkelling hike and finish in the deep blue of Mérouville to The Lavezzi islands, Pecorella a wreck that lies 14 meters deep in the bay of Saint Cyprien or the Cerbicales islandslocated in the Bouches de Bonifacio nature reserve with scuba diving courses offered by the various clubs in the region.

The call of the “Green”

The extreme south of Corsica will not leave enthusiasts or green enthusiasts indifferent either.

On the program, 2 exceptional courses: the Golf de Spône in the town of Bonifacio and the golf course of MURTOLI on the land of the private domain with luxurious residences and sheepfolds of the same name near the beach of Roccapina.

The Spérone golf course : this 18-hole course in total harmony with Corsica has been designed to allow players to discover the typical reliefs of the extreme south of the island, its majestic limestone cliffs plunging into turquoise waters and its various fragrant local essences that crisscross the course at the good will of the god Aeolus.

The Murtoli Golf course : At Murtoli, nature decides on this 12-hole course. As a master, the architect Kyle Philipps designed and modeled mischievous and demanding greens on this course undulating with the landscape among olive groves, pastures, immortelles and all the species of the maquis. A course built with the aim of respecting the beauty where Mother Nature has chosen to land …