Region of Saint-Cyprien – Porto-Vecchio

The cities of the south

Porto-Vecchio : The city of Salt

Located on the south-eastern coast of Corsica, Porto-Vecchio, nicknamed the “city of salt” for its now abandoned salt marshes, is one of Corsica’s most popular and lively seaside resorts.

Overlooking its gulf with its sea and salty scents, the upper town of Porto-Vecchio tells us a story. This citadel with its Genoese gate, its bastion offering a 360 ° panoramic view will delight young and old alike during a stroll around the bustling center with its shops and restaurants and the church square and its “Bel Ombra”, secular tree sitting in the heart of this pedestrianized city. Porto Vecchio is also its port where you can stroll along the equipped quay or sit down to a table for a cocktail or a meal in its many restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. The municipality of Porto Vecchio provides a free electric shuttle “A citadina” which will allow you to navigate between the port and the heart of the city without any concern except that of relaxing and enjoying the moment.

Bonifacio picturesque city: the rudder of Corsica …

30 km from the city of Porto Vecchio, about 30 to 45 minutes by car, stands the Citadel of Bonifacio: The Rudder of Corsica.

This magnificent citadel surrounded by its cliffs of limestone, omnipresent throughout the city, is a pure jewel marked by history. You will venture the time of a walk to take the 187 steps of the staircase of the King of Aragon, to descend to the rudder of Corsica, to survey the marine cemetery which dominates facing the immensity of the sea at loss of sight, to see the remains of the ramparts which guarded this city at the time of the invasions to see the coasts of Sardinia. The upper town will tell you its history. In the evening you will stroll along the quays with all its shops and restaurants and you will be spectators of beautiful ships entering this legendary port for a stopover. From the port you can visit Bonifacio and its caves from the sea where you can reach the wonderful Lavezzi island by making a detour to the island of Cavallo: the refuge of billionaires.

Sartène: the most Corsican of Corsican towns according to P. Merimée

Located an hour by car from Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio, come and have a coffee on the terrace of Piazza PORTA and take in the real Corsica and all its charms to the sound of its accent so dear to this island.

And if you are passing through for Good Friday, do not miss the procession of the moving “Catenacciu” Stations of the Cross in the old town in the heart of its alleys and charming houses, nestled on a granite fortress, overlooking the Rizzanese.

Pianottoli-Calderello : the wild charm of a small seaside resort

The small village of Pianottoli-Caldarello is made up of two hamlets near the seaside, they have retained an architecture typical of the villages of the far south, so there are granite cave houses.

This seaside resort is the ideal resort for lovers of hiking along the coast to access its tower, its archaeological site around the so-called Padula and Paccial di San Giovanni or its “I BRUZZI” trail in the territory of the nature reserve. Pianottoli-caldarello is also a little corner of paradise for lovers of diving to discover extraordinary underwater funds: Bruzzi, Capo Difeno, Chevano, Les Moines …