The beaches


Welcome to the lair of the most beautiful beaches in the extreme south of Corsica which will delight young and old, with the beauty of their landscapes and the diversity of their flora and fauna. Each beach is a treasure to be discovered

Canella beach:

a little gem north of the Gulf of Porto Vecchio a few kilometers south of Solenzara located in a well protected cove you can discover a superb beach with crystal clear waters

Tarco Beach:

This easily accessible beach in a small seaside resort where you can eat with the horizon in your sights

Fautéa Beach:

You will not be able to miss it its almost intact Genoese tower throne in master of the domain, it is the first in the extreme southern part of Corsica to contrast with the green colors of the maquis and the turquoise of its fine sand beach.

Pinarello Beach

This beach bordered by pine trees, with turquoise waters and red rocks is an essential stopover, its lively marine village will seduce you for your summer evenings to stroll at sunset

Many water activities to entertain you.

La plage de Saint Cyprien

Your summer refuge, located 2 minutes from the residence in the town of Lecci, this cove will seduce you with its wild side on the side of Arasu to the north to finish with its hill with the remains of a Genoese tower to the south for a short hike; exceptional panorama to discover this cove with a thousand blues.

Many nautical activities will be offered to you to navigate in its crystal clear waters to the island located off the bay, and huts to eat and bask in the sun.

Cala Rossa Beach

Located in the town of Lecci in the Gulf of Porto Vecchio, an additional jewel that houses an area of great tourist standing, Cala Rossa beach will seduce you and make you discover just as much the beauty of its palette of colors of the sea and its red rocks with the beauty of its suns setting on the gulfs of Porto -Vecchio

U benedettu Beach

Anchored in the Gulf of Porto Vecchio, Benedettu Beach is nestled at the end of a peninsula bordered by pine trees. This “high place blessed by the gods” shore is aptly named, here silence is the key word, with in the distance the city of salt which offers itself in the landscape.

Golfo di Sogno and Stagnolu Bay

A jewel of gold and turquoise, The large bay of Stagnolu is home to Golfo di Sogno beach. This peaceful bay offers excellent anchorages for sailors as well as good conditions for sailing enthusiasts. (Surfing, sailing kit…) in the superb Gulf of Porto Vecchio


Welcome to the Palombaggia peninsula,

Wonder guaranteed throughout your walk where its string of beaches located in the marine reserve of the mouths of Bonifacio will seduce you with their wild sides; where the famous umbrella pines mingle, its red granite rocks and always the beauty of its crystalline waters with its palette of blues, beautiful to capture at any moment of the day.

The point of La chiappa

This fully naturist beach is located in the private naturist estate of the same name in the hollow of a cove surrounded by rocky parts where the semaphore sits as master at the entrance to the Gulf of Porto Vecchio

This beach has its own international diving center which will accompany you among other things to discover the seabed around the Cerbical Islands located in the heart of the Bonifacio nature reserve among the 20 sites to explore.


Located between the tip of Chiappa and Palombaggia beach, Carataggio (or Carataghju) beachis located in the nature reserve. Not indicated, this wild beach of fine sand bears the nickname of “Tahiti beach”

This little corner of paradise must be earned, you will have to walk a path in the maquis (easy access) for 15 minutes to access it, but this little effort is well worth the detour.

Beaches of Palombaggia

Our discovery of the beaches of the extreme south of Corsica continues, and we have finally arrived on one of the best known beaches in Corsica: PALOMBAGGIA

This vast expanse of beach with extra-fine white sand is fitted out with natural areas thanks to its red granite rock typical of the region which will allow you to discover the various beaches of Palombaggia that make it up, starting from I PINI in the north to the beach of ACCIAJU in the south still rocked by the lapping of the sea and its lagoon with turquoise and limpid waters.

To the north, the cove of I PINI beach, where you can eat in the “straw huts” (in the pure sense of the term) and laze surrounded by umbrella pines which rise above the dune.

The central part is a large expanse of sand still bordered by the dune and its umbrella pines, very pleasant in summer to find refuge in the shade.

This part has among others the beach called “Cala di Lume” equipped for people with reduced mobility and the first beach in Corsica without tobacco. A monitoring station is installed there in summer.

To the south, before passing the pine forest to reach another beach, you will find a string of beach restaurants to satisfy your taste buds.

Tamaricciu Beach

Tamaricciu beachis located to the south, in the extension of Palombaggia. Less known than its neighbor, the photos of this beach have nevertheless been shown around the world thanks to its umbrella pine which stands in a narrow projection over the sea but which unfortunately has not been around for a few months

Its setting is heavenly, its shallow waters, the finesse of its sand and still its crystal clear waters will allow you to go snorkelling to please young and old alike.

Folacca & Acciaju

And to finish in the extreme south of Palombaggia, the beaches of FOLACCA and ACCIAJU will offer you beautiful family moments on its wilder beaches where you can find several huts to eat.

Santa Giulia Beach

This most emblematic beach in southern Corsica, classified by UNESCO, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A true paradise on earth located to the south of the Gulf of Porto Vecchio where its lagoon with turquoise, limpid waters and its almost crystalline sand makes this bay a very popular place and the landmark of a very dynamic nautical base to the greatest joy. young and old.


Porto Novo Beach

This beach between Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio is a small paradise, one of the most confidential beaches difficult to find by road but an essential retreat at anchor for boat enthusiasts.

Rondinara Beach

Fine and clear sand, pure and crystalline water, pristine environment and perfect geometry are the terms to describe one of the most beautiful and exotic jewels of the island. This magnificent cove in the shape of a “Saint Jacques shell” is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and France. Here you are on Rondinara beach which hosts the headquarters of the coastal conservatory.

Balistra Beach

North of the Gulf of Sant’Manza, Balistra beach has retained its wild side to the north with its pond and to the south its limestone cliffs for the happiness of paragliding enthusiasts.

Balistra beach is accessible by a dirt track path, but it is a supervised beach in summer and accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Gulf of Sant’ Amanza

The gulf has remained of great wild beauty, the colors of the hills covered with scrub contrast with the turquoise blue palette of the sea. The main public beaches are Maora and Sant ’Manza, near the rocks of Punta Rossa

Bay conducive to meeting dolphins near the fish parks.

Piantarella Beach

Located in the town of Bonifacio, Piantarella beach is one of the most famous spots for the practice of board sports.

This huge natural swimming pool is the starting point to access the island of Cavallo, the island of billionaires by means of shuttles, or to explore the island of Piana by kayak or paddle

By staying at Piantarella beach, you will reach the 2 pearls below one of the most beautiful gulfs in the world by the sea, PETIT SPERONE beach and GRAND SPERONE beach

You may see the LAVEZZI islands.

Pertusato lighthouse beach or Sainte Antoine beach

After a small crossing in the maquis at the level of Cap de PERTUSATO, you will arrive in the small paradise of this isolated sandy cove; on a unique site in the middle of the limestone cliffs which define the Bonifacio area so well.

The lavezzi islands

Visit southern Corsica, it is obviously a getaway to the Lavezzi Islands.

An obligatory stop in the Bouches de Bonifacio nature reserve, to discover a spectacular landscape with its shade of turquoise where majestic blocks of granite emerge with its marine cemetery witnessing the sinking of “the sémillante”

Cruise passengers departing from Porto Vecchio or Bonifacio will give you access to spend a day like on a desert island, don’t forget anything !!!

It is also the perfect opportunity to take a day trip on a semi-rigid boat with or without a skipper.

Do not hesitate to entrust us with the organization of your day to make it unforgettable

The western facade of the far south of Corsica

Fazzio Beach:

This sandy cove, confidential, deserves its access.

Fazzio beach is located opposite the island of the same name, near the Madonetta lighthouse.

This totally wild setting is also a mooring area for those who prefer to visit Corsica by sea.

Paraguan Beach:

Located west of Bonifacio and south of Capodi Feno, Paraguan Beach is one of the most secret beaches in southern Corsica. it is a totally wild beach for nature lovers in its purest form.

Stagnolu Beach & Tonnara :

Stagnolu Beach

Bonifacio’s Stagnolu beach is located to the south of the Gulf of Ventilegne, this fine white sand beach, tucked in between mountains and dunes is one of the wildest beaches in the town of Bonifacio

Tonnara Beach

Located 10 km from Bonifacio, the wild beach of Tonnara is one of the favorite spots for kite surfing.

In the bay of Stagnolu, an uninhabited rocky archipelago is a true paradise for birds, a protected archipelago belonging to the nature reserve.

Tonarra beach has many coves where you can find your corner of tranquility

There is plenty to eat on site near the ruins of a Genoese tower, a magical place to witness superb sunsets.

The beaches of the village of Pianottoli-calderello

Our walk will soon come to an end, but for lovers of tranquility an essential stopover near the village of PIANOTTOLI –CALDERELLO for lazing around on the secret and wild white sand beaches of SAN GIOVANNI, CHEVANU and ARBITRU.

You can walk along the coast for beautiful walks and stop at the Tour de PIANOTTOLI, but do not forget either mask and snorkel to explore the still preserved seabed.

Roccapina Beach

This beach, famous for its rock in the shape of a lion which dominates the hill, will dazzle you with its shade of blues of its lagoon but undoubtedly for its palette of a thousand colors in the setting sun to highlight the lion and the tower which dominate this magnificent handle.

Hikers can venture to the top of the hill through the scrub to access the tower and the lion to descend to Erbaju beach, a beautiful stretch of almost desert white sand passing the Cape of Roccapina, a real Safe Haven

The adventure is coming to an end but perhaps you will make me discover other still unexplored gems because there are many treasures on the island of beauty that bears its name so aptly.